Downloading or using free templates from (hereinafter - Free Templates) you confirm that you are aware of and totally agree to the following:

1. Type of License.
The present License on using Free Templates refers to "Site License". It means You can use the Free Templates for multiple projects held by one enterprise or one owner.

1.1 General. is a non-commercial project, developed in assistance with Great Directories project, that offers Free Templates for commercial and non-commercial use according to the present Agreement.

1.2 Usage of templates.
All the free templates remain a property of their developer. You can use the Free Templates in development of commercial or non-commercial projects, but You have no right to distribute these templates in the Internet, as well as outside of it. You have no right to license, re-license, sell or distribute the Free Templates for free via any other website or web-application, as well as outside the Internet. You can't use separate parts or elements of Free Templates in development of other projects without authors' links.

1.3 Authors' links.
You can't remove, substitute or indicate through redirect any of theauthors'links placed in each Free Template. These links are mandatory for using Free Templates. Removal, substitution or any other change of the authors' links put in Free Templates is regarded as violation of the present Agreement and copyright infringement towards their owner.

1.4 Responsibility.
Free Templates, displayed on this site may contain free or acquired photos (ClipArt), icons and fonts. However, users who have downloaded and use Free Templates for commercial or non-commercial purposes are fully responsible for using any fonts, photos and other elements of the Free Templates.

1.5 "As is"
All Free Templates are provided on the "as is" basis. By downloading and using Free Templates You agree not to make claims against their developers about any damage caused directly or indirectly as a result of using Free Templates or impossibility of their usage.

1.6 User's rights.
When using Free Templates, You have the right to:
- use the Free Templates for commercial and non-commercial purposes
- change name, logo, category, color range of the template
- change or remove photos, fonts and any other elements of design at.
Your own discretion, except the authors' links (see item 1.3)

1.7 Accordance and observance of law.
If the laws of Your country in any way bound any of the items of the present Agreement, You should forbear from downloading and using Free Templates. None of the items of the present Agreement can be canceled or substituted. You can get no additional rights, except the rights listed in the present Agreement by using the laws of Your country in contravention of the present Agreement.

1.8 Ambiguities.
If You are not sure You act in accordance with the present Agreement, or some of its provisions remain unclear, You may ask Your questions through Contacts page.

1.9 Responsibility for content and activity
We do not have any relation to websites developed using templates provided by us. assumes no responsibility for content or any damage caused by the activities of websites that were developed by third party on the basis of our web templates.